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The C-Tribe opening night party will bring all the delegates together for an evening to remember! It will feature a Main Stage Speaker Series that will spotlight 9 emerging startups followed by a panel discussion on Will Technology Make us More Human?

Following this, there will be a Main Stage Music Series that’s meant to empower the next generation of emerging musicians, and it promises to bring an eclectic mix of performances and genres. Join us for an unparalleled display of innovation, creativity, and a night of connectivity! 

The Agenda

5 PM – Featured Company Presentations

6 PM – Main Stage Panel – Will Technology Make the Future More Human?

A study on the rise of automation shows that more than 50% of Canadian who fear robots will take over the world. Leading technologists and politicians stoke fears and promote irrational expectations, creating an environment in which Artificial Intelligence is seen as both a panacea and a job killer. But, if embraced and used responsibly, it can serve humanity as a momentous new tool accelerating improvements in all parts of our lives. AI will enable businesses to become more human, helping machines understand our needs, automate our daily tasks, and build up our communities.

8 PM – Emerging Artist Performances

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